Advion’s parent company Bohui Innovation Biotechnology will acquire Interchim group

Advion Inc. today announces parent company Beijing Bohui Innovation Biotechnology Co., Ltd., has filed its intention to acquire Adchim SAS, the parent company of the Interchim group companies. This transaction will subsequently result in the combination of Bohui’s subsidiary Advion Inc., a leader in high performance, small footprint mass spectrometry and Interchim SA, a global provider of chromatography and purification instrumentation and consumables for life sciences, research and industry. Building upon seven years of a successful OEM partnership, the companies’ future elevated multi-national combination for sales of instruments, consumables and customer service is expected to rapidly grow revenue. The combined suite of solutions will be displayed at global conferences beginning in early March, though each company will sustain direct customer transaction relationships until the subsequent combination.

The boards of both companies have agreed to the transaction, which remains contingent upon regulatory approvals and other customary matters.

Complementing Advion’s strong academic, pharma, biopharmaceutical and clinical position in mass spectrometry and chromatography products, Interchim adds a broad range of flash chromatography, preparative LC systems, SPE, evaporation, chromatography columns and consumables to the company’s combined product portfolio. Partners since 2012, Advion and Interchim led the market by being the first to develop integrated Flash-MS and seamlessly coupling Advion’s high performance expression® Compact Mass Spectrometer with Interchim’s puriFlash® chromatography systems. In the future, the combined companies will strengthen the integration and breadth of workflow solutions by adding Advion’s proprietary range of novel sample introduction and assay techniques.

In addition to enhanced product integration, the future combination will offer a single source for all instrumentation, column chromatography, sample prep, and consumables sales. Coupled with complementary geographical and market segment strengths, the eventual combination will drive synergistic growth of both companies.

“We are thrilled to combine with Interchim,” said David B. Patteson, who will lead the forthcoming combined Bohui Instrument Group. “Our expanded solution deck and global scale will provide a formidable platform for growth – offering novel media, columns, prep LC, HPLC, flash chromatography, mass spectrometry, sample prep, and much more. Our customers will benefit from an expanded workflow solution portfolio. Interchim’s exceedingly strong Central EU market share and presence, coupled with their dynamic chromatography column business is a perfect commercial fit with Advion’s LC/CMS offering. Together with Interchim, we have built strong relationships which persist to this day.”

We are really excited about the perspective of this strategic combination. As a guarantee of a promising future, it represents today for Interchim, its employees, suppliers and partners a perfect fit. The strengths of the two entities, already working together successfully, will be enhanced by this new step and will enable us to reach and develop unparalleled scientific solutions and technological platforms for our customers around the world.”

Lionel Boch, Président du Directoire Interchim

Customers and industry partners will benefit from this increased solutions portfolio and can expect significant new developments in mass spectrometry, flash and preparative chromatography of small and large molecules over the course of 2020.



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