WITec begins expansion of its headquarters facility

WITec GmbH, the technology leader in correlative Raman microscopy, is expanding its headquarters building in Ulm.

WITec begins expansion of its headquarters facility
WITec GmbH’s headquarters building in Ulm, Germany. The highlighted structure shows the addition currently under construction.

The new addition will offer more space for production and quality assurance, laboratories for development and customer demonstrations or sample measurements, larger conference rooms and greater logistical capability. When complete, the new addition will double the amount of space available at WITec’s core location.  

It was time to expand. We made advanced Raman imaging much more accessible by simplifying operation through our user-interface and extensive automation. The scientific community and marketplace have reacted very positively to these developments. As more researchers put our instruments in their labs, the word got out, and now we need the increased production capacity.”

Joachim Koenen, Co-founder and Managing Director of WITec

WITec’s current headquarters was completed in 2009. Its design reflects the modularity and versatility of the scientific instruments produced within. An open and light-filled interior provides an environment for employees that is conducive to the exchange of ideas. Research and development, sales, applications, production, marketing, administration, technical service and logistics teams all work together hand-in-hand. This greatly contributes to WITec’s vaunted technological agility and preserves its innovative spirit.

Our headquarters was purpose-built to encourage cross-departmental interaction, from development through shipping, and it’s had a very positive effect on the dynamics and performance of our company. The new expansion will allow us to scale up while adhering to this concept.”

Olaf Hollricher, Co-founder and Managing Director of R&D at WITec

Construction of the new addition will continue through 2020 with an anticipated opening toward the end of 2021.



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