Latest issue of Neurosurgical Focus journal examines anterior approaches to thoracolumbar spinal surgery

The September issue of Neurosurgical Focus looks at anterior approaches to thoracolumbar spinal surgery.

According to the topic editors, Paul Park, Juan Uribe, Tokumi Kanemura, and Dean Chou,

"The procedures highlighted in this issue of Neurosurgical Focus broaden the scope of possibilities for the anterior approach, enabling spine surgeons to minimize surgical morbidity while providing state-of-the-art care for patients who will most benefit from improved alignment and other advantages of thoracolumbar anterior spine surgery."

The following articles can be found in the September issue:

  • "Introduction. Thoracolumbar anterior spine surgery: contemporary techniques and outcomes" by Paul Park et al.
  • "Functional and radiological outcome of anterior retroperitoneal versus posterior transforaminal interbody fusion in the management of single-level lumbar degenerative disease" by Roberto Bassani et al.
  • "Back pain outcomes after minimally invasive anterior lumbar interbody fusion: a systematic review" by Alvin Y. Chan et al.
  • "The feasibility of computer-assisted 3D navigation in multiple-level lateral lumbar interbody fusion in combination with posterior instrumentation for adult spinal deformity" by Michael J. Strong et al.
  • "Rate of failure of indirect decompression in lateral single-position surgery: clinical results" by J. Alex Thomas et al.
  • "The effect of anterior lumbar interbody fusion staging order on perioperative complications in circumferential lumbar fusions performed within the same hospital admission" by Michael M. Safaee et al.
  • "Vulnerability of the L5 nerve root during anterior lumbar interbody fusion at L5–S1: case series and review of the literature" by Ehsan Dowlati et al.
  • "The impact of age on approach-related complications with navigated lateral lumbar interbody fusion" by Yamaan S. Saadeh et al.
  • "Spinal neurovascular complications with anterior thoracolumbar spine surgery: a systematic review and review of thoracolumbar vascular anatomy" by Nathan A. Shlobin et al.
  • "PEEK versus titanium cages in lateral lumbar interbody fusion: a comparative analysis of subsidence" by Peter G. Campbell et al.
  • "Lateral lumbar interbody fusion in revision surgery for restenosis after posterior decompression" by Yoshifumi Kudo et al.
  • "Minimally invasive lateral corpectomy for thoracolumbar traumatic burst fractures" by Adam G. Podet et al.
  • "Mini-open lateral retropleural/retroperitoneal approaches for thoracic and thoracolumbar junction anterior column pathologies" by Peter A. Christiansen et al.
  • "The anterior-to-psoas approach for interbody fusion at the L5–S1 segment: clinical and radiological outcomes" by Massimo Miscusi et al.
  • "Single-position prone lateral approach: cadaveric feasibility study and early clinical experience" by Jakub Godzik et al.
  • "Clamshell thoracotomy for en bloc resection of a 3-level thoracic chordoma: technical note and operative video" by John F. Burke et al.
  • "Does interbody cage lordosis impact actual segmental lordosis achieved in minimally invasive lumbar spine fusion?" by Francis C. Lovecchio et al.


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