RIZE’s XRIZE Full-Color Printer Now Compatible with Synopsys Simpleware for 3D Medical Printing

RIZE, Inc., an additive manufacturing innovator dedicated to bringing industrial 3D printing to all users, today announced that its XRIZE® full-color industrial desktop 3D printing platform is compatible with Synopsys’ FDA 510(k)-cleared Simpleware™ software.

Simpleware™ software is cleared for creating models from medical imaging that can be exported to compatible printers such as XRIZE to produce physical replicas used for diagnostic purposes in the field of orthopedic, maxillofacial and cardiovascular applications. As part of its clearance process, Synopsys used the XRIZE platform to validate an end-to-end DICOM to 3D print workflow, enabling a 3D Point-of-Care (POC) solution for end-users.


  • XRIZE industrial desktop full-color composite printer along with Synopsys® Simpleware™ software expedites point-of-care (POC) 3D printing workflows
  • Immediate orthopedics and maxillofacial applications, with vibrant color highlights on anatomical regions, bone densities and landmarking
  • The printer’s UL GREENGUARD certification and minimal post processing delivers a safety advantage while empowering clinicians and innovators with intelligent workflows that dramatically compress time and costs by 80-90%

3D printed healthcare applications are projected to reach $3.6 billion by 2026, according to a June 2019 Allied Market Research report. "3D printing is becoming increasingly important in surgery, and the use of 3D printed models has been shown to increase our understanding of musculoskeletal diseases,” said Professor Alister Hart MD, orthopedic surgeon, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, UK.

We're excited to work with RIZE’s 3D printing platform along with the Simpleware™ software solutions for image segmentation. Many aspects of surgical planning can benefit from 3D models – for example, to illustrate the distribution of bone density at various depths in the bone and to assist in positioning and screw placement. We are eager to explore this fast-moving technology domain and to quantify and understand its impact on patient and surgical outcomes.”

Synopsys Simpleware™ software provides comprehensive 3D image processing capabilities for medical images, from visualization to measurements and accurate segmentation prior to export of print-ready models. RIZE’s innovative composite 3D printing materials, full-color capabilities and minimal post-processing create medical models and printed parts that are highly durable and lifelike, with a realism that lends new functionality and insights.

As the leading provider of UL GREENGUARD certified printers, materials and ink, RIZE allows teams in hospitals, clinics and medical research facilities to accelerate scan-to-print workflows seamlessly. With the first-in-the-industry color capabilities of the XRIZE 3D printer, medical teams can mark a tumor in red, or highlight a target incision area in yellow. They can create highly durable anatomical models, surgical guides and implants with minimal effort, at a fraction of the cost. Through RIZE’s platform innovations, models are also more durable and cost up to 80-90% less than existing scan-to-print alternatives.

“Our technology has a proven track record for processing 3D images and creating models for a wide variety of applications, said Terry Ma, VP of Engineering at Synopsys.

“Adding regulatory clearance for point-of-care 3D printing enables our growth in the point-of-care clinical space, where Simpleware™ software and our team’s technical expertise will allow for better patient care and a faster workflow for medical professionals.”

3D printing in the healthcare sector is growing at the fastest pace ever. Healthcare professionals need safe systems that can be easily operated from homes/offices or point-of-care with the least amount of complexity. Together with Synopsys, we’re delighted to advance the state of what’s possible in scan-to-print medical modeling, so that teams can create highly affordable full color, functional medical models for planning, patient and family education – seamlessly and efficiently.”

Eugene Giller, founder of RIZE

For more information on purchasing Simpleware™ software solutions along with a RIZE 3D printing solution, visit www.rize3d.com.

About RIZE

RIZE Inc. is an Additive Manufacturing 2.0 company based in Concord MA that is focused on enabling sustainable and inclusive innovation with safe, intelligent and full color 3D printing. RIZE is the only 3D printing firm named to the World Economic Forum 2020 Technology Pioneers list and is known for its commitment to sustainable practices in 3D printing. It is also the first 3D printing company in the world to receive the UL GREENGUARD certification for health and safety for its printers, materials, and inks.

  • https://www.einpresswire.com/article/547889788/rize-s-xrize-full-color-printer-now-compatible-with-synopsys-simpleware-for-3d-medical-printing


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