KA Imaging’s Reveal™ 35C Included in WHO Compendium

KA Imaging’s Reveal™ 35C has been included in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) compendium of innovative health technologies for low-resource settings, launched August 31, 2021.

This compilation features emerging technologies assessed and found to potentially improve health outcomes, the quality of life, or offer a solution to unmet medical needs. The WHO performs technical, health technology, regulatory system, quality system, management, and safe use assessments.

The information provided is manufacturer-reported and meant to inform professionals in the medical field about the advantages and challenges involved with implementing innovative health technologies in low-resource settings.

This fifth edition of the compendium prioritizes the need for COVID-19 response and other current health issues.

Reveal 35C is the world’s first portable dual-energy X-ray detector. It has both USA FDA 510(k) clearance and a Health Canada Medical Device Licence. It is currently being used at two clinical sites in Canada, with promising early results. The application for use screening COVID-19 pneumonia is of particular significance now.

About KA Imaging:

A spin-off from the University of Waterloo, KA Imaging specializes in developing innovative X-ray imaging technologies and systems, providing solutions to the medical, veterinary, and non-destructive test industrial markets. For more information, visit www.kaimaging.com.


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