MGI Secured First Corporate Order of Ultra-high Throughput Sequencer DNBSEQ-T20×2*

Shanghai, China, April 25th, 2023 — MGI Tech Co., Ltd. (“MGI”), a company committed to building core tools and technology to lead life science, announced its partnership with Shanghai-based JMDNA Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. (“JMDNA”) for DNBSEQ-T20×2 (“T20”), a sequencer that broke records for its ultra-high throughput and cost-efficiency. This was the first corporate order of the T20 sequencer that MGI has secured worldwide.

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“Life sciences and technology is one of the most important fields, and as a provider of such tools, we are committed to creating cutting-edge and high-quality platforms for global partners,” said Ms. Jiang Hui, Chief Operating Officer at MGI, at the signing and unveiling ceremony. “We trust that the T20 sequencer will lend itself well to improving JMDNA’s capability in fourth-party testing services. We look forward to harnessing T20’s ultra-high throughput and great cost-efficiency toachieve universal access togene technology.”

“In 2020, JMDNA installed four DNBSEQ-T7* sequencers, whose excellent performance has been widely recognized by customers,” added Mr. Pan Jiakui, CEO of JMDNA. “Today, as the world's first enterprise user of the T20 sequencer, JMDNA aims to further enhance its sequencing capacity as a fourth-party testing public service platform and empower the entire life science industry.”

MGI’s ultra-high throughput sequencer T20 was officially launched at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) in the United States in February, 2023. Hailed as “a trailblazing sequencing factory”, a single set of T20 can produce up to 50,000 WGS per annum for under USD 100 per 30x human genome. It is expected to open up new, exciting possibilities for the future of gene technology.

According to Data Bridge Market Research, the global next generation sequencing (NGS) market is expected to account for USD 29,307 million by 2029, with the reduced costs of genetic sequencing per base fueling this growth.The growth of gene sequencing technology, which has surpassed Moore’s Law, is enabling more diverse applications in downstream businesses within the industry, which in turn contributes to considerable progress in the overall downstream genomics industry.

Equipped with the ultra-high throughput T20 sequencer and other sequencing platforms from MGI, JMDNA’s Large-scale Genome Sequencing Center diligently supports gene-specialized application scenarios and research projects on large population cohort and Stereo-seq, in order to ease the supply-and-demand tension in sequencing, expand on industry applications, and facilitate scientific and technological advances.

Notably, MGI’s T20 addresses the challenges that lie in the computing, storage, and management of massive genetic data by providing an optional one-stop toolkit for ultra-large-scale genome projects. The toolkitincludes sample preparation systems and reagents, automatic instruments and reagents for WGS library construction,as well as a series of supporting tools and modules for massive data processing – all of which will help enable scientific and clinical studies based on ultra-high throughput sequencing.

As of March 31, 2023, MGI has been active in over 90 countries and regions across six continents and offered premium services to more than 2,000 clients worldwide, backed by its leading-edge DNBSEQ™ sequencing technology and ultra-high throughput sequencing platforms. Guided by the principle that innovation is the primary driving force for life science and technology development, MGI continues to work closely with customers and partners to achieve steady, consistent progress in the life science industry.


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