1. Dolce TheCat Dolce TheCat United States says:

    In reply to Roy, I think it's unfair to say that the OP is invading the space of the e cigarette users. In my experience if you are dining outdoors in California, often a self absorbed e cig user is puffing away spoiling the fresh air with artificial fruit smells and the like. It's unpleasant and bad manners.

    • Serge Cherhal Chouinard Serge Cherhal Chouinard Canada says:

      And the same bad manner should be said about ''Smoker'' but yet all of you non-smoker/ex-smoker and smoker seem to bash on E-Cig user ... So i'd say people are pretty intolerant to anything that don't please them ... Yeah sorry the only place where we can vape is outdoor unless we are at home... For the ''Fresh air spoiling with artificial smell'' sorry but the air isnt fresh, it's smell the crap coming out of car exhaust and ect ... So meh i'll keep vaping

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