1. Stranger Stranger United States says:

    It should be clearly understood that there are currently more than 22,417 restrictive gun control laws in effect. Of those, not even one has ever reduced violent crime or homicide rates. When the United States gun control laws were at their strictest, our violent crime rate was 758.1 and our homicide rate was 9.8 per 100,000 population.

    After 17 years of slowly relaxing gun laws, our 2010 violent crime rate is 403.6 and our homicide rate was 4.8. And, according to the FBI, our rates are declining while the rest of the world's violence numbers are increasing. We currently stand at 28th in the world for gun related violence and 80th for violent crimes.  

    Since the relaxed gun laws that that have cut our violent crime and homicide rates virtually in half in just 17 years are working so well, why should we reverse course and re-institute the restrictive laws that sent our crime rates sky high in the first place?


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