1. S J S J United States says:

    The title of this article is completely misleading. This person should have their MD taken away for incompetence. The lab data indicates that the concentrations used in the initial in vitro studies will probably not be achievable in humans. However, this does not rule out the potential for clinical benefit and in fact initial clinical data at several centers indicate that drug may be useful. This person is incompetent.

    • Boingy Rasputin Boingy Rasputin Thailand says:

      They added "The approved dose of" to the title, but still the article refers to, then ignores an actual clinical study of ivermectin used in real live human patients, trying to salvage some relevance for the in vitro study the article is about.  A dose of 150mcg/kg of body weight showed significant benefit even in intubated patients.

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