1. susan morris susan morris Serbia says:

    First of all, look at Israel, this is a typical example of unsuccesful vaccination project. How many vaccinated are in hospital with Delta in Israel? Secondly,regarding shedding, IT IS REAL. This is my persinal experience which I can prove at any time. Read further...!
    I am not vaccinated but I've noticed every time I am in a close contact with vaccinated people, I got lumps on my legs and arms (like Mosquito Bits ). These lumps appear immediately after being in contact with vaccinated people than disappear in 3-4 days. Here's how I know this is a case? I've avoided a contact with vaccinated people for a week and voila, nothing happens. Even during shopping and trying the clothes on. I got lumps immediately. Please record this as I am curious to know if anybody has the same symptoms when in close contact with vaccinated people.

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