1. Holly Carlson Holly Carlson United States says:

    Whereas, I would love to see underdeveloped areas of the world having access to COVID-19 vaccines as we have in developed countries, my getting the vaccination and its booster is not affecting whether or not underdeveloped nations get the vaccines. Boosters happen to be available where I am; should I decide to take it, it is not going to deprive someone else of having it. If you believe it would, I'm not seeing an argument for that in this piece and have not seen one from WHO either. If "equity" is what you're arguing for, there are a great many more areas to promote for "equity" in than vaccines, and you won't achieve equity in any of them by trying to "rob Peter to pay Paul." You'd have to first create a governing body that governs the whole world through laws all countries are answerable to. Since "equity" in any endeavor is impossible to achieve without force, even on the one subject of vaccinating against COVID-19 how would you propose to force your desired "equity"?

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