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  1. mizt 60 mizt 60 United States says:

    I applaud someone in the medical field for finally admitting that cryptic pregnancies do exist. However, it's just like the medical field to always blame the patient for why it happens instead of taking time to find the REAL reason. My daughter has been going through it to get the doctors to believe she is pregnant. She has been to 4 doctors, 3 of them OB/GYNs. 3 doctors told her it's all in her head, 2 asked does she WANT TO BE pregnant...but she was already 6 months along. The last one we saw last month could actually SEE the baby MOVING! But because it didn't show on the ultrasound she said she medically or legally call it a pregnancy! So NO, IT'S not JUST WOMEN TRYING TO DENY THEY ARE PREGNANT! IT'S doctors who REFUSE to do ANYTHING BEYOND the standard testing either because they are full of themselves or afraid their malpractice insurance will go up if they go beyond standard treatment. In the meantime my daughter can get prenatal care, lost her job because without a doctor to say she is pregnant she couldn't get FMLA so she had to quit or be terminated and she is in limbo with no due date. Thank God for nurses who told us how to keep both her and the baby healthy. Just think how many pregnant women are forced into this position by the medical practices who think it's all the patients fault!

    • Narah diaz Narah diaz United Kingdom says:

      I’m going through this now and I can’t believe how it is not acknowledged by the doctors. I hope all went well in your situation, I’ve began to nurse myself... As woman we know our body and what is a change I can’t hallucinating my belly growing and breast enlargements with other symptoms. If you are in this situation please remain calm obviously it’s unfair and hard as other pregnant ladies with hgc levels etc get a good level of treatment and there’s no level of care or guidance for those of a difference. Thank you for sharing your story.

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