1. Denis Denis United States says:

    We are of the animal kingdom - we share most of the same genetic material and our bodies are *very* similar to that of mammals, even down to having the same kinds of bones and nerves.  How dare you assume what God is made of - the bible was written by MAN, not God, so it is flawed.  How dare you also assume God has a gender and is male!  A Penis also fits elsewhere dear -- if you don't think so, study some anatomy and being gay is not all about sex just as the article is not all about sex, but bonding, etc.  The mucousal lining of the anus and mouth are very similar to the vagina -- that's why you can get diseases of any of these anywhere these mucosa exist.  Vaginas are also where dead/putrid uteral material is expelled from.  You are right that God will forgive you for your hate, but you also have a responsibility to love your neighbor and all created things.  You have the perverted thoughts it seems.

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