1. Alyssa Sinclair Alyssa Sinclair United States says:

    I had a sister born in the 80s with hlhs, and she died before 1 year after undergoing a number of experimental surgeries. My mom had 4 healthy children after that, but at age 12 I was diagnosed with a mild AV block (so far only sibling diagnosed with anything related, although my brother and dad have hypertension). My dad has a bundle block and heart disease and a relative with a a congenital defect. I've had one healthy child and during my pregnancy saw a specialist who performed an echo on her heart in utero. At the time though, I was told it was not genetic and it was just an extra precaution. After reading this information, I am wondering if I should/could have genetic testing done before future pregnancy? Should I take my daughter to a specialist to have her heart checked out, even though she isn't having any issues? She's 8 months.

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