1. N N Austria says:

    I have the same problem since 2 weeks ago.  It started as  a burning red eye lid. Doc said -eczema . Never had it,  2 weeks after that had  a horrible night itch, my skin was burning all over. Next Doc said , he can see nothing on my skin, no parasites, gave me histamine pills and sent me home. Histamine helped a bit to be able to sleep. And kaboom , 3 days after that my whole face, neck, thighs, chest area were covered with tiny marks/ burrows and 2 long very pronounced on  my forehead, plus a few pimples like a teenager. I cried like a baby. I'm not even 50 and had always beautiful skin all over, now  I look like a shrivelled prune. It's very contagious, you can get it even from a handshake or a kiss on the cheek.I don't know how I will put from now on  an open dress or a bathing suit. I was prescribed  Soolantra , a cream with 10 % ivermectin lol and Elidel to calm the irritation. It stopped the itching , applied it also on chest and neck , although it was not in  the instructions. Unfortunately , the tiny marks/ scars  on my face and body will not disappear.  I understand now, why so many women where I currently live (Austria, Germany) have bad prematurely wrinkled skin, with discolourations. It has nothing to do with the sun and cancer ladies, blame it on the bugs.  My Mom is 70 and has wrinkles only around  the eyes and marionette lines, smooth skin on rest of  the face , without botox. And it's also funny that every 2nd person here has allergy, eczema , psoriasis, peri oral dermatitis, neurodermities and so on. If you enter the pharmacy, half of the shelves are full with allergy tablets and anti-itch creams. Supposedly, the sun kills the bugs. So off we go. I think doctors are kind of powerless at this point. They just shrug and say, some people have bad reactions. A lot of people here have bad skin, because of this problem I think, not just teenagers with acne or rosacea. Everybody around scratching hair and body like they didn't shower for weeks lol.

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