1. connor wogen connor wogen United States says:

    Obviously someone with symptoms after the post acute infection is not going to be participating in as much physical activity as someone who does not have symptoms. The most common symptoms after the post acute infection are (intense fatigue, persistent headache, etc.). When you are in pain/have intense fatigue, it is your bodies’ way of telling you that you need to rest, and slow down so that you do not cause more damage and allow yourself time to heal. Participating in much physical activity, when you have these symptoms, is directly disobeying the commands that your body is telling you. This is like saying “someone who has a bad case of the flu, on average, participated in less physical activity than patients with a mild case of the flu. Therefore, if these patients with a bad case of the flu were just more active while sick, they would get better sooner.” The amount of confounding variables within this study that are not addressed by the medical team is laughable. The fact that these doctors spent funding/their time on researching this is insulting to the medical community. This should be given 0 publicity, as it is a completely flawed study that fails to acknowledge nearly any of the variables/factors at play. This is disgraceful to the medical community, and the fact that these doctors/this writer things that these are “legitimate findings” is not only laughable, but utterly insulting to the medical community and those suffering.

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