1. Claire de Vries Claire de Vries United Kingdom says:

    This is a great article on the current situation regarding Acromegaly treatment. It's useful not only for patients but also for all those in general practice who require a more detailed overview on Acromegaly and its treatment. If more GPs were aware of what to look for, many patients with Acromegaly could be sent for confirmation of diagnoses at a much earlier stage. Many GPs are 'on the case' quickly but others dismiss supposingly unrelated symptoms as a sign of other conditions. For example, a female patient with severe sweating and arthritic hands in their late forties is more likely to be told they have early onset arthritis and are starting the menopause, when in fact this could be symptomatic of Acromegaly. Yes, I am talking through experience. As we know, not all Acromegaly patients have the same symptoms - all the more reason for the medical profession to be aware of the wide range of possible symptoms.

    Well done Jon - this article manages to contain a lot of information but is also easy to read. I also liked the clear explanation of treatments currently used.

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