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  1. Kathryn Hendrikson Kathryn Hendrikson United States says:

    In your article, you are mixing tendinitis with tendinosis. Tendinitis is when you have an area that is inflamed due to an acute injury, such as getting into a car accident or twisting your ankle. Your ankle will get bigger because the muscles are protecting the tendon that has just been torn. Tendinosis is a degeneration of a tendon's collagen in response to chronic overuse. You are saying above to treat tendinosis the same way that you would treat tendinitis, which is something totally different. There is no inflammation where there is tendinosis. The tendons are degenerating, getting weaker and smaller. It takes up to 2 weeks to heal from a sprained ankle, tendinitis, where it can take 6-12 weeks to heal properly from a tendinosis injury. Ice and ibuprofen are not the answer to healing from tendinosis because there is nothing that needs to be un-inflamed. I got my information from the same sites you did and I also talked to some physical therapists and doctors and I'm a music student as an undergrad. I have been told time after time that I had tendinitis when I really had tendinosis. Why would you need to take an anti-inflammatory if nothing is inflamed? Yes, it may kill the pain for the time being, but it's not going to un-inflame what is not inflamed to begin with.

    • Melinda Jones Melinda Jones United States says:

      Kathryn, a sprain is a ligament tear not a tendon tear, and sprains can take significantly longer than 2 weeks to fully heal. The swelling of a sprain is not the "muscles getting bigger to protect the tendon" but increased bloodflow and lymph  at the injured area to promote healing. But you are right about tendinosis vs tendinitis. Ecxcept that ice has been shown to improve tendinosis because it resticts the associated formation of abnormal blood vessels.

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