1. karrielou karrielou United States says:

    I'm 59 and 1 week after I took the first dose of reclast I ended up in the emergency room with severe pain in my bones and sustained muscle spasms all down my back and neck. Sometimes my head would jerk with a neck spasm. It was as painful as labor. The lymph glands in my neck were swollen and painful to touch. I had a tremor in both hands which is still not gone completely, 6 weeks later. I had polio and now my legs are even weaker. I discovered that there are many, many "after marketing" reports and that the CDC in Atlanta is collecting side effect info. The low incidence of serious side effects and calling one "flu-like joint pain" is very misleading. The drug rep told my doctor that my reaction was rare, only 2% have it but in other information I found there were %ages for pain and other problems in the 24% range. Please be careful!

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