1. Cindy Reynolds Cindy Reynolds United States says:

    Thank you for the absolutely brilliant and thorough article.  The cluster headache patient community experienced a fairly nasty setback May 15th, 2017 due to a (television personality) implying, on air, how chiropractic care and healthy nutrition could be an undiscovered 'cure' the condition.  

    I'm a member of an online patient support group and feel thankful today to have my fellow patients for support, treatment options including citizen science, supplements and best practices for oxygen use.  Thank you so much for speaking to this amazing treatment, often sidestepped as an option, thinking the equipment is bulky, a hassle or inconvenient. If you give a cluster headache patient the option, we'll choose using an efficacious, zero side effects treatment to 'abort' these attacks.  Every single time, especially over concerning ourselves about bulky equipment.  Stopping that pain, with the least side effects is all we care about.  Denying oxygen for any reason, especially by insurance company's is inhumane.  

    What would be the most humane, would be to come up with a triage system, so the diagnosed cluster headache patient is able to access medical grade oxygen 24/7/365.  The nature of this extreme pain is cyclical, symptomatic and remitting.  As a patient, I'd love to see medicine recognize the sheer desperation & fear the patient experiences when a new cycle of headaches spontaneously appears. Having access to the single most effective abortive, without question, would reduce suicides.

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