1. Rod Rod Canada says:

    Let's get on the BAN wagon as we do not know all the facts! It is true that many pesticides from the 40's, 50's and 60's caused ailments or cancers to the public that were heavily exposed to them. Today, research goes above and beyond to insure that the health of the general public is not at risk. Of all the people, it's the ones who are either manufacturing or applying the product that are at greatest risk and recent studies have not shown a direct link to pesticide medical problems with these people. Cosmetic use? The amount of total pesticide usage per acre would be found on our vast expanse of farmland and in the many greenhouses that produce the food that we consume. Is this an acceptable use of pesticides...cosmetic use on our food crops? How many people have died from the food we eat? I know of no three-legged farmers who use pesticides. The biggest problem with anything is when someone without the education, training or experience takes on a task and makes a mistake! Take a look under your kitchen sink or in your medicine cabinet, tell me how many products are there that can kill you or an unwary child. Often times it NOT the product, but the applicator or end user who causes the problems. Let's hear from the Canadian Cancer Society...where did they get their information and what research is behind it? Yes, it's easy to make a broad statement and jump on the "Ban Wagon"!

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