1. Shaun Groulx Shaun Groulx Canada says:

    This write up doesn't give the full facts of the study. There was 1547 patients all of which had tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 infection. 24 of these patients had infection or VBI after the second dose. The other  1523 never received vaccine before the infection.

    So to some it up everyone of these patients had an infection regardless if they got the vaccine or not. Of the 24, the number which makes up the results of this study,  13 of them were confirmed as a variant of concern! So that leaves us with 11 people out of 1547 subjects! So the cases that showed shedding is within the 24 people. These results are biased and this was a very poor study (to many variables) to discuss virus shedding. People are convinced and mainstream is saying that the vaccine causes shedding, which is not the case. All of these subjects had an infection to start with.

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