1. Julie Rayner Julie Rayner United Kingdom says:

    I have been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid - after undertaking private tests - the NHS blood tests showed up as "normal".  I am NOT normal - I cannot function - I know my own body and when your own GP says there's nothing wrong what are you supposed to do?  It is about time GP's realised that guidelines are guidelines and not directives - listen to the patients instead of relying on blood tests, which are inaccurate, contain ranges that are WAY different to those in other countries - the practitioners in this country are letting us down - they would soon see what we are up against if they had health problems of this sort themselves.  It is HARD living a normal life when your body won't support you - and a body without the right hormones is an overworked body at severe risk of further health complications - treat me NOW and get me well, not when I get so severely ill I cannot work or have a heart attack and need hospital treatment!  I have worked all my life and paid National Insurance - only to be severely let down when I needed the support most.  Problems with thyroid are a lifetime condition, they don't get better by themselves - the situation in this country is appalling - and when doctors buck the trend by helping the patient first and taking note of blood tests second, they are disciplined or struck off!  

    I have not yet got my head round the science of all these hormones and replacements, but this is a comment from the heart - for goodness sake something needs to be done or people like me are being condemned to a second or third class existence when the symptoms are so obvious and treatment so easy!  

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