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  1. Kim Deaton Tainsky Kim Deaton Tainsky United States says:

    Dr Ananya Mandal,

    My 10 yr old daughter was recently diagnosed with diastolic dysfuntion.  She has had cardiac anomalies since before birth. Presently, she has mvp w/regurgitation, leaks in the tricuspid valve, aortic valve, pulmonary valve, and enlarged right ventricle (prenatal).  the left atria was slightly enlarged a year ago but now is normal in size.  

    How rare is dd in children with ongoing heart defects since birth?
    She is taking Atenolol for ventricular ectopy with couplets (diagnosed 1 year ago).  I understand that the medication she is on will also treat the dd.  

    At what point does something like this resolve in children? or is this something she will have her whole life?  

    How much do we know about pediatric diastolic dysfunction?

    Thank You,
    Kimberly Tainsky

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