1. Christine Carroll Christine Carroll United States says:

    The symptoms comprising 'Long Covid' were known as Post Viral Syndrome and as the name implies, follows a severe viral illness. Long Covid is not new...but ewly recognized as a major problem instead of just pigeonholed into a group of unexplained complaints of patients following a severe viral illness...usually cytomegalovirus.

    Symptoms of the acute illnesses are almost identical and include fever, respiratory infection,  coagulopathy, brain fog, profound fatigue, myalgias, elevated inflamatory markers, neuropathies, joint pains begin during the acute phase and persist after recovery. In my case, over 10 years.

    It would be great if the CDC and other medical investigations included those of us who have 'post viral syndrome' were included in these studies.  This is NOT a new problem but with the sheer numbers of covid patients, the numbers of post vural symptoms got the attention of the news and subsequently,  medical investigators.

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