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    Applause. I wholeheartedly agree, I especially find it irksome that no one takes into account that politics have existed since the beginning of group dynamics ((aside) yes I'm talking about human's primate ancestry, which if you don't believe in despite the Literal Tons of evidence, then you belong in the same category as those that think the Holocaust was a conspiricy) and that religion has political factors. When the Old Testement was written people had diffrent value and taboos, thats why there is a New Testement, so the things written in the "Holy Book" are the views and beliefs of that time and culture, especially the tradition of emphasising the importance of lineage and genetic heirs. They also thought it was fine to sell people into slavery, publicly stone people, and that the sun revolves around the Earth. Also, there is no evidence that either God or Jesus actually approved the things in the Bible, besides the Ten Commandments, and even they are questionable. Plus, for my observation, if Bible thumpers are such homophobs then why are they reading this articule anyway, there's logic here! I think they are trying to convince themselves not to surcumb to their true sexual desires. Come on all you haters step out of the closet, you'll feel better.

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