1. Shawn Dotson Shawn Dotson United States says:

    I first got these headaches in school in the 6th grade during class. I remember the intense pain and losing all focus (not visual) on what was going on. I grabbed my left eye like it was going to explode out of my head and my mouth agape. I couldn't talk or scream or make a sound but just sit at my desk in pain and shock not knowing what was happening. since then I have had them about 10-20 times a year till I was in my 20s and they seem to be coming less frequent although during 1 episode it lasted about 2 hours. a lot longer than normal as most lasted seconds to 5 min or so. I am in my late 40's now and I only have an attack maybe 2-3 times a year and most last only seconds (maybe 15-30). I have also gone up to 3 years without an attack at all. Not sure why but thankful. Now the interesting part is I have starting to suffer a new form of debilitating headaches that are almost as bad but not quite. I now have coughing headaches and they are random also and I fear every cough I let out that one will begin. They will usually happen 5-10 seconds after I cough and you can feel them build rapidly with a pressure in the back of your head to the back of your eyes. its a full on headache that lasts near 25-30 min that is nothing short of a severe migraine. they leave as rapidly as they come on after this time. Could these coughing headaches be linked in some way to cluster headaches? They almost feel as bad as cluster headaches but not localized behind one eye and one side of the head but rather the whole head. I have an appointment with an eye specialist in 2 days and have had coughing headaches for about 3 weeks now. Also I have eye/vision damage with a loss of about 15.20 percent of my vision in the left eye. The same eye affected by cluster headaches. Eye doctor took pictures and there is swelling at the back of my eye which look like blisters and ruptures of vessels with bleeding. I have never had any treatment for any of the headaches I have and was basically not believed as there were no signs or evidence to them ever happening. This will be my first ever visit to an eye specialist. I have had 1 cluster headache in the past 3 weeks that lasted about 5 seconds which is 5 seconds to long. I am hoping this is not the beginning of a new round of cluster headaches. A good possible contributing fact os I have very high blood pressure.  while taking an ACE inhibitor drug my blood pressure is between 240/150 to 190/140. Time to get my med dose raised I think and another dreaded visit to the doctors. I mainly try to avoid the doctors as they never seen to listen or have taken me serious all my life. I hope no one gets these headaches who have never had them. You don't want to experience that kind of pain. No one does. Probably not even dead people as I'm sure that would cause them to have a new condition called the screaming dead.

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