1. Michael B Michael B United States says:

    This article features a terrible headline that seems tailored to mislead people into believing that humoral specificity acquired through exposure is somehow superior to that acquired through vaccination.  Nearly every person that has died from Covid-19 has died as a consequence--at least partially--of infection derived antibody dependent processes.

    Not every antibody is your friend.  This is particularly true with SARS, MERS, SARS-CoV-2, and Omicron all of which trigger MASP-2 mediated Complement Hyperactivation when the Nucleocapsid is exposed to extracellular space.  The processes responsible for this exposure--the lytic Complement responses--are largely reliant upon immune complex signaling to establish locations on viral surfaces for Convertase assembly. Vaccination with Spike antigen only vaccines discourages this process by training an immune response that focuses on neutralization and phagocytosis rather than direct lysis of the SARS-CoV-2 virion, and the pathogenic downstream processes that follow.  This discouragement occurs explicitly because vaccinees produce a paucity of the M-protein specific antibodies that trigger the Classical Pathway of Complement.  The same is not true of vaccine naive SARS-CoV-2 carriers, they produce M-protein specific antibodies in accordance to the ratio at which they are initially presented to B-cells, follicular or otherwise.

    The real question, as far as this headline is concerned, is why is the antibody response resulting from infection so durable?  It is durable for the same reason the antibody responses to HIV, EBV, and Hepatitis C are durable--metabolically active virus is being secreted into extracellular spaces months after seroconversion, triggering the production of antibodies in exposure dependent manner. These people aren't better protected, they're chronically infected with a virus they are unable to clear.

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