1. Geraldine Petra Posada Geraldine Petra Posada United States says:

    They may have phd’s, degrees in medical sciences etc. But they do not know everything. I have been a user of marijuana for my anxiety for years before they even knew it was good for several different symptom relief of PTSD ,Anxiety, nausea for kemp patients to give them better appetite during kemp, to help veterans get off of opiates and the like. But I have known this for years before they even admitted it is good for many many different disorders or coping with many of life’s issue that people deal with everyday. Social anxieties to coping with PTSD and disorders of the mind as well as physical pain or just plain living in this world and having to deal with society as we all know can be very difficult for some people. I have known this and used it for over 40 years now to help to me cope with anxiety, Agoraphobia, social anxiety as well having panic attacks and situations that have hindered my life since I was 15 yrs old. It has not only helped me relieve My Agoraphobia to a point that I can function outside in the stressful world, when I leave my home to run errands or go to the bank or to get groceries and be able to function almost normally until I get back home. If it was not for marijuana use to calm me down before I leave my house. I would not be able to do the few things that I can do  when leaving my home. With Agoraphobia I cannot work, go to the store,or to the bank or anywhere for that matter. It has helped to do things I would never be able to do without it. Before using marijuana, I could not even go to my mailbox just a few feet down my driveway. Anyone with Agoraphobia knows that it is about the anxiety and stress one feels the farther you get away from your home. The feelings are indescribable and often get to the point of feeling you are going to have a heart attack or faint or hyperventilate the farther you get away from your home or familiar area the more the stress and anxiety become to the point to where you feel like you are going to die or just run away screaming until you are back home again. Marijuana has helped me in more ways than I can tell you in this comment and I do not know what others feel with disorders like mine. I just know it has helped me greatly. People with my disorder or symptoms like mine can be helped by it ‘s use. I am not a dr  but I do know what I have experienced and it has helped me cope with many  stressful situations  in my life. Also I have not had any kind of heart fibrillations or the like. In fact it has helped me cope with my panic attacks and anxieties which all have an affect on my heart rate, my breathing, my hyperventilation in stressful situations.if it was not for marijuana Like I said I would not have been able to cope or control my anxiety, my breathing , my hyperventilation and My Agoraphobia. I know everyone is different, and what works for one individual might not work for on other individuals. But it has worked for me and I thank God for that and I have not had any problems with arterial fibrillations or anything of that nature but that is just me and what I have experienced in my life. So I can say Drs may know a lot but they do not know everything and everyone is different and you need to find what works for you. Everyone in this world has a crutch to cope in their lives.”Everyone” wether it be coffee or donuts, cigarettes or alcohol to cocaine etc. Everyone does or uses something to cope through everyday life. Some people use music or exercise or running or eating . Just listen to some of the things they say or do . Like I am no good until I have my coffee and a smoke or that afternoon cocktail or happy hour  before they can continue on their daily life. Everyone uses something to get them through their day. So that is my comment and I thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read it and thank you for not judging people because we all have crutches even you that might be reading this at this moment. We are all individuals in  this world and we all need something to deal with life no matter who you are or what you have had to deal with in your lives. We are all just trying to live our best lives we know how and cope with what we have been subjected to.in everyday of living our lives. We just have to find what works for us. Just remember that and do not judge people if you know nothing about them and what they have been through in their lives.

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