1. Kelley Thibault Kelley Thibault United States says:

    These studies might show that controlling Type 2 blood glucose levels may have  no effect on heart disease and/or stroke and may actually contribute to those conditions? Drug companies over the past 20 years didn't know this? Or did and failed to mention that very important factor? Billions upon billions of dollars have been spent by patients trusting drug makers and doctors...for what? Hum...not to mention the potentially deadly side effects of these drugs, which are numerous. I'm Type 2 and allergic to many of the drugs used for diabetes. I refused insulin after reading the four, repeat FOUR, pages of known side effects in which they kept mentioning death! Wow! So, I did the research for over 2 years, started a regime of natural 'cell' boosters, enhancers that help my own body help myself, cut way back on all carbs, and then did more research...bottomline, the drug companies/doctors/researchers, don't have a clue what causes, contributes and continues to plague people with Type 2 diabetes.  It is so very complicated and you can't just put a bandaid on it and hope that works. So if the diabetes itself doesn't kill me, after the side effects of these drugs, the drugs themselves surely will. Each person with T2 is different, their metabolisms are different, lifestyles, eating habits, exercise habits, all come into play when dealing with diabetes. Don't believe the type, the 'unfinished' research studies. Trial and error with your own body is the only way to see what works for your individual system. Live life to the fullest, each and every day, enjoy your love ones and good luck!

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