1. JC and Lroa Whitney JC and Lroa Whitney United States says:

    Our dog Muffin was diagnosed with SARDS yesterday and she is 8 year old female standard Dachshund.  She can still see movement and was wondering if there is anything we can do prolong her eyesight like change her diet, vitamins etc.  Appreciate any suggestions.

    • Neil Neil United States says:

      Our 7 year old female beagle was also given a diagnonis of SARDS yesterday. It was recommended to follow up with the ERG test. Did any of you have this test done?

      We were also told to try Ocuvite Preservision pills. There are 2 formulas though and I haven't been able to contact the vet to find out which one. I picked the one without vitamin A because I think it may be too much. The other one has much more Lutin instead of A. From what I have read though, I do not expect this to do much.

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