1. t j t j United States says:

    These die right away if you SWEAT! I use a infrared sauna and my hubs just went out and worked in the sun for several days! The sauna needs to be turned up all the way though and I woudl recommend sitting in the sauna while the heat is increasing this way your body gets adjusted to the heat. I am not a physician but read profusely. This method worked for us immediately. Wash/dry all bedding/towels on high heat and vacuum.  Gone!!

    • Helen Taylor Helen Taylor United Kingdom says:

      Eye masks that you heat up - at least to 30 Deg C, will kill the little blighters.  Dry eye now when I wake up, so can't use monthly contacts any more.  I use eye drops to ease my eyes when I wake up - why can't you get eye drops that kill them too?  I'm in the UK, we have stricter rules on what you can sell, with regards to cures for things with no research and official approval, than the USA, I think.  

      Can't use a sauna, have MS and heat makes it worse ....

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