1. Greg Beattie Greg Beattie Australia says:

    Will somebody please report this issue with a little depth?

    The AVN is accused of harassing a family yet no details of the harassment are made known. An ABC lateline program indicated the only 'harassment' that took place was a letter from the Director of Public Health writing to inform the parents that an enquiry had been made regarding diagnosis.

    The enquiry is surely not 'harassment'. It is in the public interest. The letter, on the other hand, seems outrageous. Why don't reporters ask the obvious question.... What was the purpose of writing a letter to the parents to tell them there had been an enquiry? Then ask... What, of substance, did the AVN do to harass anyone?

    We deserve to know these things. After all, a community group is about to be censored in a move that bypasses all that we hold dear concerning democracy, and you are giving us no substance to make any judgement for ourselves.

    Let's also examine the motives of the Director of Public Health in writing to the parents. Dig a little deeper, please!

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