1. Max Kreutzer Max Kreutzer Netherlands says:

    Often surgeons & endocrinologists are blind to symptom reporting by patients. If the book says post surgery or post treatment patients can "lead normal lives", they ignore the the contrary symptom reporting by patients. For years they believed that many people have pituitary tumours without showing any symptoms. Then a mass study, examining the records of untreated deceased patients, clearly showed the patients had complained about symtoms, but these had been ignored. For a surgeon, if the patient survives the operation, this is counted as a "success". Post surgery, surgeons have next to no further contact with patients, so they know little about how a patient is feeling. The same with endocrinologists. If the patient needs more or less hormones, they prescribe the meds and then assume that that's the end of the matter. It most certainly is not. Jollying patients along with false statements that they are "cured" and are complaining unneccessarily, is totally unscientific, and flies in the face of recent research. Jon Danzig's article is an excellent guideline, of great value to patients.

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