1. Tamara Drew Tamara Drew United Kingdom says:

    This study suggests that a real advance has been made in confirming the 'neurobiological origin' of ADHD. It has been heavily promoted in the media as such.

    In fact, this was a study carried out in mice. Mice are not children and do not experience childhood ADHD. The scientists who carried out the study started with an assumption (hypothesis) that an important brain centre involved with the movement of the eyes is abnormal in ADHD. They then studied mice which have a known genetic abnormality of that same brain centre. And guess what? They found that the performance of the mice on some tasks involving that centre was impaired. And, incredibly, they report that they found that there is indeed an abnormality in that brain centre. Talk about circular reasoning.

    What a waste of research money and research time, not to mention the unnecessary suffering of the mice involved. This does not represent a fundamental neurobiological advance. Rather, this 'scientific study' is based on circular reasoning and is over-hyped.

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