1. James Smeltzer James Smeltzer United States says:

    The 120 mg oral dose, already shown to be benign in healthy persons (slightly more than I use to worm a horse and well-tolerated in horses and humans, as are the analogs used to kill fleas on cats - usually more sensitive creatures), with the molecular weight of 875 is almost 2 micromoles per kilogram in a standard 70 kg man. If it is well-absorbed as the analogs are from the skin of my cat, it should have a plasma concentration of over 2 micromolar (the IC50 dose). If it is further concentrated in the lungs, as it is in cattle to about 2.5 times, the lung dose will, in fact, be 5 micromolar. If this persists, as it does in cattle, then a single 120 mg dose will maintain IC 90 in the human lung.
    So at least a Phase 2 trial of the 120 mg dose is warranted. If GI perfusion or absorbtion is a problem, a topical dose can be tried.  The misleading title is STILL misleading. Ivermectin has a very safe therapeutic index. Based on the linearity seen in other Phase 1 research, the concentration in the lungs may be about 2uM (the IC50) with a 120 mg oral dose.

    • Larry Simmons Larry Simmons United States says:

      Agree James....I'm not a Dr. or Vet, but have some chemistry/biology background, and have used this product on my animals for years....saw the "bias" in the title before reading their "correction" or the other comments below the article.  This report was very biased and misleading.  What I got out of it was a positive and promising discovery that needs to be expanded on.  I know some doctors in LA and TX who are already treating patients with Ivermectin with good results....some are the same ones who used the HCQ/Azithromycin/Zinc/Budesonide by nebulizer/aspirin/and vitamins C,D-3, etc....with great success....they didn't lose a single patient, had none hospitalized (that sought medical treatment early enough).  Just need to keep politics separated from saving human lives.  I agree with most everything that has been posted here, so enough said on that....but I didn't see anyone comment on the suggestion under "future recommendations" concerning the "inhalable ivermectin"....as far as I know that doesn't exist at this time, but sounds like it might be a good idea.  Getting almost any steroid (but especially Budesonide) deep into the lungs as early as possible has been one of the most beneficial parts of any treatment regimen...as well as any med that would prevent pneumonia, and inhibit inflammation, mucus production, infection, etc....your thoughts?

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