1. P O'Neil P O'Neil United States says:

    I have multi-level DDD in my lower back.  I've been doing chiropractic, sterioid injection, pain meds, acupuncture, and physical therapy. Nothing really does anything positive for me except for a VERY brief 1 or 2 days immediately post-whatever-treatment.  I've looked into disk replacement but am told I cannot because I have 3 levels (L3-L4, L4-L5, L5-S1 with the last being most problematic/painful).  I was turned down for a clinical trial involving ablation of pain-transmitting nerves around the affect area of the spine because they are only doing a study of single-level disease vs standard treatment.  If I could find a doctor to do it I WOULD go for a 3-level disk replacement, or better, a 3-level nuclear disk replacement but the latter isn't even being trialed in the USA as yet (why is the USA so backwards vs Europe that is doing or has been doing these things for YEARS?).  My doctor mentioned some groups in area providing stem cell injection treatment locally but it would cost me 100% out of pocket because insurance wont cover and it is pretty much the standard liquid carrier injection mentioned in the article as having a 100% rate of cell migration out of the area of injection.  

    I WANT TO BE IN A TRIAL FOR THIS!  Please!  This is nearly unbearable having to work with stone-age US conservative medicine that doesn't work.

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