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  1. Teresa D. Teresa D. Serbia says:

    Is mitochondrial donation worth trying it? Will it help me to conceive?

    • Lon Dra Lon Dra Serbia says:

      My sister-in-law did it in Ukraine and you know it helped her to avoid a miscarriage. But every case is unique..

    • Rebecca Johnson Rebecca Johnson Serbia says:

      In simple words, mitochondrion is the cell’s energy station. Essentially, its work consists in supplying the cell with vital energy for its normal functioning. Women that went through multiple unsuccessful IVF attempts, as well as of older reproductive age, need to restore oocyte mitochondria. To carry out such a procedure, an egg donor with a high functional activity of mitochondria, a patient, and sperm for in vitro fertilization are required. Healthy functionally active mitochondria are taken from a donor’s oocyte and integrated with the patient’s cells. Next, fertilization with sperm and transfer of a healthy embryo into the patient’s uterus. Though the option is possible only when the eggs aren't damaged genetically. Mitochondrial donation makes it possible for a woman to carry and give birth to a child genetically related to both parents on her own. These programmes allow thousands of infertile women to carry and give birth to 'genetically related to them' babies. The package costs depend on the number of attempts. The prices for mitochondrial donation in Eastern Europe start with 6500 EUR - 1 shot. 9900 EUR - 2 shots. 14900 EUR - 5 shots. I believe every other method should be tried before moving onto more invasive treatment procedures. Hope this is useful.

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