1. Robert Larson Robert Larson United States says:

    N-95 masks are intended to protect from virus sized particles. Other masks are thought to provide protection from aerosolized droplets containing thousands of virus particles. These masks are overwhelming the type of masks being worn by the public and being potentially mandated going forward. However the non-N-95 masks do not provide protection from virus sized particles based on the observations in the article.

    If a non-N-95 mask wearer is "sprayed" by aerosolized droplets from an Covid infected person and these droplets do indeed contain significant amounts the virus, does not the mask itself then hold the droplets in place, providing an actual source for infection for as long as the Covid virus survives on the surface of the mask, while not providing protection from those virus particles? Non-science analogy - putting up a chain link fence around your yard, to protect you from mosquitos? Non-scientist just asking...

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