1. Dr Milton Dr Milton United States says:

    Despite what gay activists believee including the one that wrote this article, "same-sex interaction" is a weasal term designed to confuse.

    These interactions are anything two indivudals of the same gender do with each other, including standing next to each in interspecies familiarity , and acts of dominance.

    Because all the reference acts have nothing to do with sexual interest, it is not homosexuality
    There are no homosexual animals, no animal for instance allows anything in their anus.

    • R Beale R Beale Netherlands says:

      'Allowing something in your anus' does not define being gay.

    • Raven Johnson Raven Johnson United States says:

      ...And that's why this article specifically mentions giraffes...   having sex...   in the anus...   right?

      And also you apparently have never owned a dog?

      • lol
        Chuck Hackworth Chuck Hackworth United States says:

        I have owned lots of dogs, I've never seen 2 males locked.  And just because they are humping a guys leg does not mean they are gay.  And they stop that activity if they are fixed so its pretty much a hormone thing.

      • Nikola Petrovic Nikola Petrovic Serbia says:

        I also own a dog, and had them before. You really could not say that two male dogs humping are gay, it usualy ends up in a fight, humping is their way of showing who is lower in rank.

        I really have nothing against people being gay, and was very curious about this article, but it seems the writer really confuses terms here, i dont know how could you classify dominant behavior in dogs and lions as homosexual.

        And i am really suprised by the amount of incidious comments here, this article is very speculative so i understand why people are skeptical...

      • Robert Masengale Robert Masengale United States says:

        I have seen homosexual dogs. I think the issue is that when a homosexual dog mounts a heterosexual dog, the heterosexual dog takes offense to it and retaliates. It is much the same as any dog that tries to mount a female dog that does not want to 'breed' with them (whether in season or not). They fight back to say that it is unwanted.

        Dogs do not have the same methods of advanced communication we do. Their method of asking is to simply try to start the process. Their method of refusal is to snap at them for doing it, possibly starting a full-on fight.

        I have had dogs that will ONLY mount male dogs, even around a female in heat (especially around a female in heat). That makes the dog homosexual.

    • Amy Schrecengost Amy Schrecengost United States says:

      There's no way you're a doctor. You barely even have the reading comprehension to understand this article. The article specifically mentions male animals, having sex with each other.

    • Jessica Pruyn Jessica Pruyn United States says:

      And if you did more research you would see that there are tons that have anal intercourse look it up before you spout lies.

      • ??
        Nikola Petrovic Nikola Petrovic Serbia says:

        The writer of this article gave, as the source, a link to a Norwegian university and i dont want to apply for a scholarship.

        i mean writing something doesnt make it true, there should be links to some peer review papers or studdies so we could look it up in more detail.

        And saying :
        "Lions are also homosexual. Male lions often band together with their brothers to lead the pride. To ensure loyalty, they strengthen the bonds by often having sex with each other."

        That could be considered a lie, lions do the same thing as dogs. Males do not have sex. They rub against each other, expresing dominant behaviour , and you could not consider that as sex.

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