1. Ken Ken Canada says:

    I find it funny that we can decide to ban cosmetic pesticide use and make it a national incident when there is no "scientific" eveidence that links pesticide use to cancer. C'mon people pull your head out of your arseholes, if the Cancer Society were to link automobile exhaust to cancer would we rush to judgement and stop driving cars? I think not. They pick on pesticides because it is an easy target. No one needs them, yet many jobs and a large part of the economy is provided through the use of cosmetic pesticides. Let's not rush to judgement just because someone has an agenda. Once cancer is linked "scientifically" to pesticide use then we can perhaps pass judgement. by the way the Pesticide Regulatory Management Agency is one of the most strict organizations on the globe as far as passing pesticides for safe usage. People who obtain licenses to apply pesticides are educated on the correct techniques and safe application of these products. Scientifically we know what is going on, medically we do not!

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