1. Deanna Elle Deanna Elle United States says:

    This artical is very interesting. I've been suffering with Fibromyalgia for at least 9-10 years now and back years ago I kept telling my DRs I knew that the trauma I had suffered was the cause and the beginning of the health issues; Prior to that trauma I was very healthy and happy but the amount of deep stress and the extended period of time it continued put too much stress on my system and I broke and have never been the same again.
    Towards the end of the artical the DR speaks about the possibility of a person with Fibro that is getting disability benefits  will loose those benefits if they become well so theres not much incentive to get fully well / cured....that's what I think he was meaning; I believe that may be true in some cases and thats a cause for speculation from many......For me I have had an underlying worry about "what If" theres a cure... with some of the new meds being developed its very possible..and I worry what in the world would I do if I was cured and lost benefits and now that I'm much older and so much more out of shape and would be in no condition to work at any position I was educated for. What would I do?! I have not been cured and suffer greatly but what if some others were cured and then just kept on telling their DR they still felt ill.....that situation would ruin it for the rest of us who are really ill and people don't believe we are still ill with Fibro.
    I don't like people to know I have been DX with Fibromyalgia when they ask what my disability is because I feel the disorder has such a bad stigma attached to it and then automattically feel I have to proove I'm sick because I look well. I know how bad I feel and hurt and just knowing that people don't believe and think were just lazy and a drug addict really makes me feel bad. I hope that if there really is no cure there will be a test that we can take and the DR can say yes for positive this test shows Fibromyalgia...then people wouldn't look down on those of us with it. Thank you for doing so much research in order to find a cure and to get to the bottom of it all. Deanna

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