1. Richard Matthew Jr Richard Matthew Jr United States says:

    The only people that get anxiety or schizophrenia feeling from marijuana or people that don't use it medicinally or as a regimen. If you smoke once in awhile, you're going to get anxiety and paranoia so to speak. If you use marijuana medicinally everyday, that feeling goes away a thousand percent. And for all these people that think all of a sudden their stories of marijuana and heart disease and lung cancer and all of this is coming from an experienced people that do not know how to phlush their products correctly and are in too much of a hurry to sell it and make money or smoke it to get high. That's why I am an ounce a week smoker and I am not for recreational marijuana whatsoever. If it comes down to that I will be forced to grow my own cuz you can't trust prescriptions these days and you can't trust people these days. But stopped casting all this negative stigma on the only thing that makes a lot of people happy. If it makes people happy and all of these faults that he's based on he said she said opinions, are redundant because if it makes somebody happy it makes them happy. If you feel schizophrenia and you get anxiety from it, then don't smoke it. just stopped talking about it already everybody's tired of hearing about it and the quality is going down hill as well because of all these people that are just uneducated and growing. That is the main problem. It does not cause cancer it does not do this and that like all your stupid stories say. What should be spoken up about more as people with no experience have no business in the Cannabis business

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