1. Pamela Mccoll Pamela Mccoll Canada says:

    A study at the University of Washington is recruiting pregnant women who are frequent users of marijuana ( THC or CBD) to assess the damage prenatal marijuana exposure has on the baby's development. The study is looking for human subjects who are in their first trimester of a pregnancy - before the 13 week mark. They are paying them $300.00 plus travel expenses incurred. There are huge issues in terms of ethics with the recruitment of these women and questions are raised by the Helsinki Agreement, The Belmont Report and the National Research Act - many questions in terms of the rights of these babies. We have filed a complaint with the federal agencies that govern human research, with the University and with NIDA who funded this study.  The key issues are the risk associated with ongoing use of marijuana to these babies that has already been established - specifically low birth weight, the issue of mandatory reporting law, the issue of confidentiality when the issue is child neglect or child abuse as defined under federal and state law, the issue of necessity and the issue of subjecting an infant to an MRI at six months of age.  It is now in the hands of the federal government to decide whether this study should be allowed to proceed. The Surgeon General issued an advisory in September of 2019 and specified that pregnant women should not use marijuana. His statement should be taken very seriously and all women should be given the facts and all medical professionals who come in contact with pregnant women should offer them help to see that they quit using immediately.

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