1. Matt E Matt E United States says:

    Except for some people, it's much worse than a cold. My mom is a chemo patient and has a compromised immune system due to the chemo drug, and had both shots+ the booster and still nearly died because her immune system wasn't strong enough for the vaccine to trigger an immune response. This was in late January, with omicron which is supposedly milder.  She never leaves the house except to buy groceries, took all the cautions etc. It's sad she nearly died alone and had to listen to so many people complain about mask. It's a minor inconvenience to mask for a few minutes. Surgeons wear them for a reason.

    • Kathleen M Kathleen M United States says:

      Its called being a part and doing your part in your community! Selfishness amongst these people is astonishing! Even the old ppl are sooooo ignorant here! So embarrassing to be a living witness to the horrible conspiracy theories that have taken these ideologies and impressed them so obviously on ignorant selfish Mericans! Grow up! Get the vaccines and wear a mask and stfu !!

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