1. nSJ nSJ Brazil says:

    Glenda, you are really funny. I am sorry but you are like my mum. Too emotive to ponder facts instead of feeling emotions.To other readers, I am not referring only to her rationale, but to that which is partially common to all persons that think more or less the same way.

    Human experience and knowledge are god, IMHO.  What's defined in our society as right and wrong are nothing but paradigms. Social paradigms are constantly being redefined. If a  different and new idea is formed by a group, its progression will be positive if gradually being accepted by other groups and individuals, whereas its progression will be negative if other groups and idividuals do not accept it.

    It becomes very interesting if we consider that every new fact is being processed by every human being that comes into contact with it.  The sentence defined as bad or good that reaches majority can also be defined as a social paradigm. It is a different, but undoubtless, natural selection force in action.

    As ideas are recycled, new concepts born just as obsolete ideas go to grave and cease to be paradigms. Because we elaborate/construct/rearrange old concepts into new ones, our behavior has been through  self-inflicted natural evolution/improvement. Human paradigms and behaviour, the latter which is based on up-to-date knowledge, have been under construction since the first atoms glued together into a molecule and shall continue.

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