1. Allen Hall Allen Hall United States says:

    The virus when constrain in saliva, TRAVELS WITH the saliva - which wicks thru the mask.

    N95 masks do not stop Virus sized particles period- Yes they do stop saliva droplets.
    BUT WHAT HAPPENS TO THE SALIVA that's trapped in the mask. It wicks thru the paper, carrying the virus with  it until it reaches the surface of the mask. There the saliva EVAPORATES and releases ALL the virus that would have otherwise been constrained by the saliva - WHICH would have fallen immediately to the ground within a few minutes. INSTEAD every time you exhale you now produce a Giant cloud of AIRBORNE virus which stays in the air for HOURS!  Don't believe it?? Then get a cigarette Take a big puff and exhale thru that stupid paper mask.. Can you still smell the smoke in the air?? You bet ya can, and smoke particles are 20 TIMES LARGER than virus !! You people gotta smarten up.. This has never been about keeping people safer - It actually SPREADS THE VIRUS FASTER

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