The MAMMOMAT 3000 Nova combines screening and diagnostic for maximum utilization in one single unit. The ability to integrate with a variety of CR readers makes it easy to upgrade to digital. Together with syngo Opdima, the digital biopsy and spot imaging system, stereotactic biopsies can be performed within the smallest space. Spot imaging is possible with a resolution of up to 20 lp/mm.

The motorized, isocentric X-ray tube rotation by up to 180 degrees counterclockwise and 130 degrees clockwise ensures that patients can be examined comfortably in any projection. The object table always
remains at the same height, making repositioning almost unnecessary.

The unique pivoting bucky table enables quick and easy switching between 18 cm x 24 cm and 24 cm x 30 cm formats. When the object table is changed, the appropriate collimation is automatically preselected. This makes MAMMOMAT 3000 Nova an optimal system for almost all women and breast sizes.

Like MAMMOMAT 1000, MAMMOMAT 3000 Nova also distinguishes itself through its slim, spacesaving design. It offers optimal access for the physician, technician, and patient in any projection. The large SID of 65 cm allows easy patient positioning and easy mounting of the biopsy unit and magnification table.