The QuantiFluor™-ST is an affordable, sensitive fluorometer designed for quick, easy, and accurate fluorescence measurements. The QuantiFluor™-ST provides high sensitivity for fluorescence measurements and is so easy to use that you can have results within minutes. Single-point calibration saves time and the dual-channel design allows you to switch between two assays with the touch of a button.

Universal Power

The QuantiFluor™-ST is powered using a universal power adapter (included).

Small and Sensibly Priced

The QuantiFluor™-ST is smaller than a standard sized book, saving you valuable bench space. It is sensibly priced to meet your need for accurate fluorescence measurements within a limited budget.


The QuantiFluor™-ST is designed for fast, accurate fluorescence measurements. It is so easy to use that you can have results within minutes without training.

Dual Channel

Dual UV and Blue Channels allow you to switch between two assays by pressing one button.

PCR Tube Adapter

An optional PCR Tube Adapter allows measurement of small fluorescence sample volumes (100µl minimum) in 0.5 mL PCR tubes without sacrificing instrument sensitivity.