The GloMax® Navigator is an easy-to-use microplate luminometer integrated with Promega chemistries for superior luminescence assay performance. The GloMax® Navigator comes ready to use—simply unpack it, plug it in and begin your experiments. You can also interpret results using integrated data analysis software.



  • Simple touch screen navigation with full PC capabilities.
  • Choose from over 30 preloaded protocols and spend less time optimizing.
  • Build custom protocols using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • Export data to a network, cloud or any drive desired.

Superior Performance

  • Highest instrument sensitivity to measure the lowest assay signals.
  • Low cross-talk between wells gives you better, more usable results.
  • Broad dynamic range of the instrument extends the linear range of your assay.


  • IQ/OQ Service available.
  • Provides the required technical elements of a part 11 compliant system when used with the appropriate laboratory workflow:
    • User Authentication and Authorization
    • Data Integrity and Protection
    • Electronic Signatures
    • Audit Trails

Easy-to-Use, Dedicated Microplate Luminometer

  • Developed and optimized with our cell and gene reporter assays
  • Over 30 preloaded assay protocols
  • Strong performance for bioluminescent oncology research

Choose an option

  • Luminometer
  • Luminometer + Dual Injectors/Pumps